Refund and returned licenses terms

In accordance to the European Legislation, La Tienda de las Licencias (hereinafter known as LTL) allows the clients to return the product purchased on this website by following these rules:

Online purchase of a software activation code

With the exception of the license activation button failing or that there's a bug coming from LTL, the client, through the acceptance of the LTL General Sales Conditions once obtained and said license number, renounces to any type of devolution or refund.

If the activation code and the license number, even after the acceptance of the terms and conditions, are defective or deemed useless due to a mistake that was done by LTL, the client will be able, within 14 days of the purchase, claim through email: the substitution for a valid code number or full refund of the money paid for the product.

LTL is committed after proving the order number and the code number to do a refund process as soon as possible.

Warranty Law

Facua. Electronic Commerce, withdrawal information

Sale of Consumers Good Warranty Law (23/2003)

General Law for the Defense of the Consumers and Users (01/2007)

Jurisdiction Competency

The parties submit, to their election, for the resolution of conflicts, while renouncing to any other jurisdiction, to the judges and tribunals of the user.

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