Data Protection (hereinafter known as LTL) has created this privacy declaration for the data to corroborate the commitment for the protection of their client's and visitor's privacy.

LTL will never disclose any information to third parties that could help individually identify one of its users, without an authorized consent from the said user.

By following the Art.10 of the Law 34/2002, July 11, the society of the information and e-commerce services informs that this web page is proprietary of MYA WIFI S.L. with social address Street San Carlos, 54 Ponferrada - 24404 (León), NIF: ESB24708679, with email

In accordance with what was provided by the Organic Law 15/1999 December 13, Personal Character Data Protection, we inform you that the given email will be incorporated in a file owned by LTL with the objective of managing the client's access to the web, to the technical support and contact with the client.

There could be some content in this web (product information, help documents, etc) from third parties. Our intention is to fully respect every author's rights and copyright, before any issues or doubts if contacted to check any published material.

Opinion responsibilities: This website is fully responsible for the published content shown as blog posts, but not for the comments done by other people on them, because those are done by third parties and/or visitors.

Privacy: This website fully respects the privacy of their visitors. All information entered by the user through our website will be treated with utmost security, and will only be used according to the established limitations in this document.

Usage of the information: After entering your personal data, you are automatically authorizing the use of your personal data with what's established in our Privacy Policy, which includes the following events: a)For the specific purpose of been used for it's intended use; b) to increase our offer to the market and to send product publicity that can be of interest to the user; including information confirmation calls; c) to personalize and improve our products and services, and d) to send email with newsletters, answer any questions or commentaries, and keep the user informed.

Implementing your Data protection rights: All of our clients have the option to exercise their Data protection rights, meaning, access, rectification, cancellation, and oppositions, as well as a way to access them through a user control panel in this website, through an email or letter.

Access to your information: this website has the permanent commitment of showing new solutions that improve the value of its products and services; with the objective of offering market special opportunities, like incentives, promotions, and updated news. LTL doesn't commercialize, sells or rents their database to other companies.

Security Measures: LTL informs to the users and clients that, in accordance with what's said in the LOPD and the Security Measures Regulation, that it has adopted required technical and administrative measures to guarantee the safety of your personal data and to avoid any alteration, loss, treatment or non-authorized access, depending on the status of the technology, the type of the stored data and the risks to which they are exposed. Likewise, LTL fully guarantees the fulfillment of the professional secret respect right of the user's personal data and the commitment to store them.

Privacy Policy Modification: LTL reserves the right to modify its privacy policy only by a doctrinal change in the Legislative or jurisprudence Data Protection Agency of Spain.

Personal Data

The user information we store will help us to personalize and continually improve their purchases on our website.

In general, we use this information to manage orders, shipments, service offers, payment processing, getting in contact with Vd. regarding their orders, products, and services.

Your personal data will always be accessible for consults, modification or cancellation by their users.

Exercising your Data Protection Rights: All of our clients have the option to exercise their Data protection rights, meaning, access, rectification, cancellation, and oppositions, as well as a way to access them through a user control panel in this website, through an email or letter.

If you have any questions or commentaries about the way LTL uses your personal data, you can get in contact with us.


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While visiting LTL web pages through your web browser with the option to accept cookies set on, you are agreeing to the use of our services and products, and you are also giving consent to the use of the cookies and any other technologies used by us to provide the services described in this notice, even tho Vd. as a visitor you'll be notified of the use of cookies, how to deactivate or delete them, and we will ask for your consents, according to the recommendations given by the Data Protection Agency of Spain.

Up next, you'll find more information about the cookies and how to modify your browser's configuration to send a message whenever you are about to receive one, or if you want to deactivate them completely.

What are the cookies?

Cookies are small files used by some platforms, like web pages, they can be installed on your computer, smartphone or TV, after accessing them. Their functions can vary: store your preferred navigation configuration, recollect statistic info, allows certain technical options, store and recover navigation info or preferences of a user or his/her device up to that point, occasionally, depending on the information gathered and the way yo use your device.

A cookie is stored in a computer to personalize and facilitate the user's navigation experience. The cookies are associated only with the user and his/her computer and give no references that could help identify the user's personal data. The user has the option to configure his/her browser to get notifications or get the option to reject the installation of a cookie sent by the website.

Why are the cookies important?

Cookies are useful for many reasons. From a technical standpoint, they allow the websites to function way better and fast, adapting the user's preferences, for example, storing a language or their country's type of rate. Also, they help the websites owners to improve the offered services, thanks to the statistics gathered through them.

Why do we use cookies on this website?

Proper Cookies

Strictly necessary

User session and registry

Cookies required to request and store data at the time the user accesses a website.


Last visited products. We use this info to show you any similar products to the ones visited.

Delete cookies

Third party cookies


Google Analytics

Number of visits, sites or visited sections, navigation time, visited sites before entering this site, details about the browsers used with the objective to improve the user's experience on our website.

The information gathered through these cookies, referred to the user's device, could be combined with personal data only if you are registered to this page.

How can I configure my preferences?

You can allow, block or delete installed cookies on your device through the options found in the settings menu in your browser.

Up next we will give you the links where you will find the information on how to activate your preferences in the main browsers:

Google Chrome

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Apple's Official Support

What happens after deactivating the use of cookies?

In the case of blocking or rejecting the installation of cookies is possible that some offered services from our sites that require their use to be disabled, meaning, that they won't be available, and you won't be able to use everything that our website could offer. It is possible our site's quality performance to lower too.

Terms of Service

1. The reproduction of the content shown on this website isn't allowed without the full consent of the author. Meaning any texts, graphs, source codes, and any other type of content sent from our servers.

2. The company isn't responsible for the wrong functioning of the system, temporal disconnections, or services given to third parties, but we will always work to offer the best service possible to our clients, and we try to avoid any providers who can't give the required quality.

3. In this website, there is no illegal content (child porn, terrorist propaganda, or any other type of illegal content).